Dream Saddle - Treeless Saddle

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  • The Dream Saddle moulds to the shape of your horse allowing your horse to change and still be comfortable.
  • We highly recommend the use of a treeless saddle pad (Dream Pad) and a good quality dressage style girth according to your horses belly shape ("C" Curved or "W" Waved Girth).
  • The saddle comes with one pair of standard size velcro knee rolls.
  • The saddle size is selected by the rider's dress size. A 16" will fit a rider with dress size 10 to 12, and a 17" will fit dress size 14 to 16.
  • We recommend the use of safety stirrups as the saddle has a fixed stirrup leather attachment
  • .The saddle is made of high quality calf leather and provides you and your horse with increased comfort.

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