New Dream Team Store

Dream Team has launched a new online store for 2020 with a fresh modern look making it easier than ever to find the treeless products you need.

Why has this changed?

Our old e-commerce platform and website was becoming dated and limited in what we could do with it and the upgrade path required a significant technical investment.

What has changed?

We have moved our store from an Opencart shopping system to Shopify, the leading cloud e-commerce provider. This has allowed us to upgrade seamlessly and take advantage of many of the great features provided by the Shopify platform. The new design is more flexible and can be browsed easily from any device from mobiles to tablets to PCs. 

What has the name changed?

The store has been re-branded from Dream Team Products to Dream Team Equine. This is the name of our company, a domain we already owned and a name we felt better reflected our focus as a company which is all about great products for our equine friends.

My Data

If you had an account on the Dream Team Products store, we have taken the decision not to migrate this data to the new Dream Team Equine store. You can create a new account on the Dream Team Equine store or simply checkout as a guest user. Your personal data is protected in accordance with our privacy policy and will be not be kept and longer than is necessary.