Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where should I place my saddle?  Place the saddle onto the horse in the normal way, your dressage style girth should sit about a hands width back from the front legs.  Don’t worry if it looks a little further back than a treed saddle.  As long as your are girthing on solid ribs you are ok, the horse will only feel weight where, you, the rider are actually sitting.  If in doubt, get on the horse bareback, make a note of where you sit.  This is the natural saddle position for your horse; the treelss saddle will sit there.
  • How do I know if I am using the girth correctly?  Put the girth onto the saddle leaving space at the side you normally tighten your girth.  Make sure the girth is done up snugly.  Ideally mount using a mounting block, then tighten the girth again when you are in the saddle. 
  • I feel my leg is pushed to far back, is this correct?  In a traditional treed saddle, the stirrup bar is in front of your thigh; therefore your leg is always slightly forward.  In a treeless saddle your leg will hang straight in the optimum straight-line position.  If you are not use to riding like this, it may feel a little strange.  Please persevere, you may think you are tipping a little forward, but it is just the different feel you will get in a treeless saddle.  If in doubt ask someone to look at your leg position on the ground, you should be sitting correctly. 
  • How do I attach the numnah?  Place the pad under your saddle in the usual way, take the front straps from the pad and put under the pommel at either side.  Lift up the seat and place the straps on the Velcro strip that runs down the centre of the saddle, then replace the seat.  This will keep the pad in the correct place and further ensure a clear area down the spine.
  • How can I clean the saddle?  Let any mud and dirt dry; then brush off if a soft shoe polishing brush to avoid scratching the leather. 
  • Should I ride differently in a treeless saddle?  Yes, go with the movement, if you were riding bareback you would move in balance with the horse.  This is the feel you should get with a treeless.  Go with the movement of your horse, do not try and sit still.
  • How do I select the correct saddle size?  The saddle is based on the rider dress size, i.e. if you are a size 12 you would have a 16-inch saddle.  Please see table below for more sizing information.
Ladies UK Dress Size Mens UK Waist Size Dream Saddle Torsion Freeform
6 30   15 16
8 30   15 16.5
10 32 16 16 17
12 32 16 16 17.5
14 34 17 17 18
16 34 17 17 18.5
18 36   18 19
20 36   18 19
  • Will a Treeless Saddle fit my horse? Yes, in almost all cases, a treeless will fit both you and your horse. There is no rigid tree. A treeless saddle is extremely soft & moulds itself to the shape of your horse like a woollen blanket. When used with a specially designed pad, the horse's shoulders and back are free of any local pressure points.
  • Why does the Treeless Saddle have no tree? On a treeless saddle, the rider always moves in harmony with the horse's natural gait. The absence of a rigid tree reduces the saddle's weight considerably, which is good for the horse and good for you (how many people do you know that like carrying their saddles around?). All this combines to create harmony, balance, freedom of movement and increased performance.
  • How comfortable is a Treeless Saddle? Can I use it for Long Distances, or for Endurance Riding? A treeless saddle is possibly the most comfortable saddle made (for both horse and rider). Treeless saddles have been proven over thousands of miles by many top international endurance riders.
  • Can I use the saddle on more than one horse? Yes, the saddle conforms well to many horse shapes. No saddle will fit all horses, but there is a greater chance of the treeless saddle fitting a wide variety of horses & ponies due to its flexibility. Removing the wood in the cantle can also help the fit. A new pad may be needed for each horse to get a better fit, but this is a lot cheaper than buying a second saddle!
  • Can I use a normal Numnah? No, the use of a specially designed treeless saddle pad or one with inserts on either side of the spine is strongly recommended. The padding on either side of the spine will lift the saddle off the spine and will create a pressure free zone above the spine.
  • How do I fit the pad? Put the pad under the saddle (this is easier to do off the horse). Place the long straps on the pad under the pommel pull so the pad fits well into the saddle, then lift of the seat and put the straps on the Velcro spine. If the pad has a strap at the rear, place this through the D ring and under the cantle and again under the seat on the Velcro spine.
    • How is the riding experience, compared to a traditional saddle? When you are on a treeless saddle, you are experiencing the closest you can get to bareback riding, but with the added security of a quality leather saddle. This allows you to feel all your horse's natural movements.
    • I have more questions We hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please contact us using the contact form.