Why Buy Treeless

Adaptable One saddle can fit all horses: Cob, Highland Pony to Arab or Clydesdale. It moulds to your horse’s back like a woollen blanket.
Affordable One saddle can be used on all your horses. No need for a tack room full of saddles or expensive and time consuming fitting or adjustments.
Flexible Available in various types and materials for different riding styles and budgets.
More feeling It is like bareback riding. But with the safety and comfort of a saddle. You sit in the movement, rather than just on top of a saddle.
No pressure or restriction of a stiff and rigid tree.
Performance A more comfortable horse with its rider in harmony and in balance leads to better performance.
More comfort for your horse. It can move more freely and takes longer strides.
Horse with treed saddle
Horse turning in a treed saddle.
Horse with treeless saddle
Horse turning in a treeless saddle.
Lightweight: only 4kg for the adult version.